About Phronesis Publishing

Phronesis Publishing, LLC, is a small, independent publisher. The first title is The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook: A Guide to Promoting Healthy Lifestyles,

by Joan Guthrie Medlen, RD. LD. © 2006. Since our launch in April 2006, our catalog has progressively grown, offering more titles, products and webinars.

JEM Communications, is the service arm of Phronesis Publishing, offering coaching services, continuing education, training, and presentations.

Phronesis Publishing and JEM Communications are family-based companies. My goal is to positively impact the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities -at all ages and stages of life – and their families by providing useful tools for families, professionals, and people with disabilities. I believe everyone is entitled to an enviable life. I am thankful that my family shares my vision for people with intellectual disabilities and are willing to support and help. Phronesis Publishing, LLC, is also the incubator of an internship for my youngest son who has Down syndrome, autism, celiac disease, and is nonverbal.


Our Mission:

To publish useful tools and resources that improve the quality of healthy living for people with developmental disabilities.

Phronesis Publishing will do this by publishing practical tools for:

Phronesis Publishing will publish tools and resources to create tools that improve the quality of living for families and people with developmental dis


    Support Professionals.
    Phronesis Publishing will publish tools to support the people who support individuals with developmental disabilities. The key to enviable living is having quality support.
      Health Care Professionals.
      Phronesis Publishing will publish continuing education units to promote best practices from other disciplines such as positive behavior supports, augmentative and alternative communication, and teaching strategies that will improve the skills of health care professionals working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

        What does Phronesis mean and how do you pronounce it?

        My oldest son, Ryan, named the company based on the study of Rhetoric, one of his two undergraduate majors. Now he's off at Clemson University getting his Master's Degree - that means I get more consultation hours!

        Phronesis (Froh-NEE-sis) is the virtue of moral thought, usually translated “practical wisdom,” sometimes as “prudence.” Click here for a thorough definition of Phronesis .

        The word seemed a perfect fit for the mission of the company. I believe that using visual tools and learning how to apply best practices is merely the art of practical wisdom and will result in a dramatic improvement of the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities., their families, the communities they live in, and the people who support them. In short, my aim is to impact the quality of life for all – and have a good time in the process. Laughter and enjoying life are also practical.

        I am happy to say that all materials printed for Phronesis Publishing are printed in the USA.

        Who is Phronesis Publishing?

        Joan Guthrie Medlen, MEd, RD,  Owner/Publisher
        Andy Medlen, Order Fulfillment Intern
        Ryan Medlen, Marketing Consultant
        Rex Medlen, Support Specialist
        Curtis Guthrie, Go-fer (Acquisitions) Specialist
        Sharon Guthrie, Attitude Adjustment Specialist (from above)
        Scott Guthrie, Geek Support
        Ian Guthrie, Nerd Specialist


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